Sightseeing tours

Sightseeing tour in Madrid

Sightseeing tour in Madrid

A great way to get to know more about Madrid’s attractions, sights and activities is to go on a guided tour. You can of course join in on a group tour, but it is much better, nicer and more efficient to go on a guided tour with your own private guide. Here you do not pay attention to a large group, but you can ask all your questions, take a break when you feel like, and simply have a wonderful time.

There are loads of programs available, both private tours and group tours in Madrid, and if you want to join in one kind of guided tour in Madrid, or maybe you want to do something completely else, you will find articles beneath this text presenting different tour opportunities waiting for you in Madrid. Some of them are traditional guided tours in Madrid, maybe by foot, with bus or using a Segway. Other tours are a bit more untraditional, jogging around or maybe doing some sightseeing combined with tapas tasting, or maybe skip the sightseeing itself, only to taste wines and prepare your own Spanish food.

Read around, and we hope you will find some sightseeing tours in Madrid that you will find interesting.

Sightseeing tours in Madrid

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