Madrid Airport

How to get from Madrid airport to Madrid?
How to get from Madrid to Bajaras airport?

Madrid Airport, called Barajas, is located not far away from the centre of Madrid, so it is easy to get to the city-centre from the airport. The easiest way is of course to grab a taxi waiting outside the airport, which costs between

Airport transfer - Bajaras airport
Airport transfer - Bajaras airport

30-40 Euro per taxi. Depending on what airport you arrive to there is a free bus connecting the different terminals. As you get to the main building of Barajas Airport you can find a metro station where you can get a metro map, and big single tickets or a tourist pass. The easiest is to buy a tourist pass. If you use single ticket there is an extra charge to be paid on the ticket from the airport to the metro station in the centre of Madrid (Nuoves Ministerios) from where you can easily travel on to the other stations (appx. 1 Euro). There is an information stand by the metro station at the airport, and they willingly help if you have any questions.

To travel from the centre of Madrid to the airport just do the same, just get on the metro taking you back to the airport and just the free Bajaras Airport buses to get to the right terminal.

Check out the Madrid Metro map for more information.

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