When do children receive Christmas presents in Spain?

christmas presents in spain

In Spain, children traditionally receive their Christmas presents not on Christmas Day, December 25th, but rather on January 6th, which is known as Three Kings‘ Day or “Día de Reyes” in Spanish. This holiday is highly celebrated in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

On the night of January 5th, children leave their shoes out, often filling them with treats for the Three Wise Men or the “Reyes Magos”: Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar. It’s a custom that children believe the Three Kings will visit their homes during the night and leave gifts or presents in or near the shoes. It’s similar to the concept of Santa Claus or Father Christmas in other cultures.

January 6th, the Day of the Epiphany, is a public holiday in Spain and marks the culmination of the Christmas season. Families often gather, and children eagerly wake up to find their gifts, following the tradition of the Three Kings bringing them presents. It’s a joyous day filled with gift-giving, family meals, and various parades or processions in many towns and cities, with the Three Kings often riding through the streets to greet children and distribute sweets.

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