The El Retiro Park is a big attraction and a great activity combined in one. Located near the main museum street where Prado and other museums can be found this park gives the tourist a chance to grab some fresh air and relax at the same time. The park is taken very well care of, and it looks beautiful. The first important sight is the monument in honour of Alfonso XII of Spain. In front of the monument a lake can be found which is ideal for a rowing trip on a sunny day (a great activity for a family or for a romantic trip with the one you love).

In addition to the monument you can also see the Velazquez palace in the park, a Crystal Palace (with a beautiful lake in front of it) and several other interesting buildings and sights. Most of all the park is ideal if you want to relax, enjoy the beauty of the nature or if you have too much energy and would like to go for a run while in Madrid.

El Retiro Park
Metro: Retiro

El Retiro Park pictures