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New Year’s Run (San Silvestre Vallecana)

Would you like to end the year in a healthy way? Almost all European capitals have fantastic marathons, but only a few of them have New Year’s Running competitions. Doesn’t that give you an additional excuse to spend the last day of the year in Madrid?

You don’t really need an excuse to visit Madrid as the city is so amazing that you should visit it no matter what. The running competition on the last day of the year has been a tradition in Madrid since 1964.

One part of the run is a fun race in which anyone can participate. There is a second race in which only professionals can participate, requiring you to run 10,000 meters in less than 40 minutes (or something like that). You can read more about all the requirements at the website which we refer to further down in the article.

There is also a children’s run on December 23.

New Year’s Run in Madrid

Date: December 31 (of course)

Registration: https://www.sansilvestrevallecana.com/index.php

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We wish you a fantastic New Year’s celebration in Madrid and hope you will enjoy your days in the Spanish capital.



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