12 modern photographers in the Prado Museum!

12 photographers in Prado

The Prado Museum is one of the leading art museums in the entire world. They host some of the most famous paintings, and it is one of the museums you just have to visit if you ever get to Madrid.

From September 21st till January 13th (2019), they will host a very interesting exhibition named the Twelve Photographers. This is a temporary exhibition, meaning that you will have to pay to enter, even if you should visit the museum during a “free period.” But, the exhibition is well worth the money. What is the exhibition really about?

12 modern photographers have made some exceptional works, based on what they have seen, experienced and felt inside the Prado Museum. The photos are therefore inspired by the actual works you can see inside the museum, but with a brand new touch of the modern man.

12 photographers in Prado

This is just a magnificent piece of art, isn’t it? – Source

Look at the picture above! This has got to be a great exhibition.

The picture above is an example of what you can see if you decide to check out this temporary exhibition in the Prado Museum in Madrid. The coolest is, of course, if you can see where the actual photographer has been inspired to create parts of the different photographers (meaning you recognize other paintings or parts of the museum in the paintings). But, if you are a layman when it comes to art, then these photos are so amazing, that you will enjoy them even if you have no clue about the surroundings that inspired the photos in the Prado museum.

Have you been inspired to pay Madrid a visit? The exhibition will open on September 21st and remain available until January 13th in 2019.

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Enjoy your stay in Madrid!

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