Where will Spain play their Euro 2020 qualifier matches?

Spain will play their first match in the Euro 2020 qualifying stage against Norway on March 23rd. But, where will they play the matches? Will they play at the Real Madrid venue, or the Atletico Madrid venue? Or maybe at Nou Camp in Barcelona? The answer is no to those mentioned stadiums.

Spain is having one of the best national teams in the world when it comes to football. But, in the recent years they haven’t really succeeded in the big tournaments, and that is why it is important to show their fans and people of all nations that they are able to play samba-football again. But, it will not be an easy ride for them, because in their group they will play against Sweden, Romania, Norway, Faroe Islands and Malta. All these nations are capable of giving the Spanish players a hard match, and maybe especially Sweden, Romania and Norway.

Spain will play their Euro 2020 matches in Valencia.
Visit the city of Valencia if you want to watch Spain play their Euro 2020 qualifying matches. Source: Pixabay

Where will the “home-matches” be played?

When Spain will play at home in front of the local audience, the matches will be played at Mestalla Stadium in Valencia. This is the home field of the team Valencia, and it is quite a distance from Madrid. It is possible to do a day-trip to Valencia to watch a match, but I would probably spend the night in Valencia afterward, and then return back to Madrid on the next day.

Mestalla Stadium has capacity for more than 50,000 spectators, and hopefully, it will be packed with people cheering for the Spanish team, starting with their match against Norway on March 23rd.

But, the first match is also crucial if they want to win back the favor of the home crowd. If they get a draw, or even lose against Norway, then it will be considered a catastrophe in Spain. Now, Spain are clear favorites to win before the match, but with Lars Lagerback as the Norwegian coach, it is hard to consider the nation an easy opponent. Lars Lagerback managed to make Iceland an almost unbeatable nation in football while he was coach there, and after Norway won their group in the Nations League in 2018, they might look into a brighter future with the Swede as their coach. But, are they good enough to cause trouble for Spain?

Sweden is another tough opponent, and we all saw what the Swedes were capable of during the World Cup in 2018. Andreas Granqvist, the defender looking like a true viking, might be one of the biggest profiles on the team, together with the Manchester United player Victor Lindelof. But, one should not forget about Emil Forsberg, Marcus Berg, John Guidetti, and several other quality players on the Swedish team.

How to get to Valencia from Madrid?

The easiest way to travel from Madrid to Valencia is by train. At www.renfe.es you will find a chance to search for trains and to purchase your ticket right away. The trains in Spain are looking really nice, and they are quite classy!

And, to make things better, to travel from Madrid to Valencia with a train will not take you more than 2 hours. In fact, the actual travel time with most trains are around 1 hour and 50 minutes, with some trains going even faster and finishing the ride in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The price for such a train ticket will depend very much on how early you decide to buy the ticket, but two days before the match between Spain and Norway, the cheapest train tickets will cost around 35 Euro for one way. That isn’t bad, is it?

This ride will take you to the station Valencia Joaquin Sorolla, and from there the distance to the actual stadium is 3km. If you decide to make this distance on foot, you should prepare for a walk lasting 30-40 minutes. There are also local buses in Valencia that will take you directly from the train station towards the stadium, so there are lots of ways to get easily from the train station to the stadium if that is of your interest.

But, if you first get to Valencia, why not arrive early and spend the day in the city discovering its attractions, sights and whatever the city has to offer?

12 modern photographers in the Prado Museum!

The Prado Museum is one of the leading art museums in the entire world. They host some of the most famous paintings, and it is one of the museums you just have to visit if you ever get to Madrid.

From September 21st till January 13th (2019), they will host a very interesting exhibition named the Twelve Photographers. This is a temporary exhibition, meaning that you will have to pay to enter, even if you should visit the museum during a “free period.” But, the exhibition is well worth the money. What is the exhibition really about?

12 modern photographers have made some exceptional works, based on what they have seen, experienced and felt inside the Prado Museum. The photos are therefore inspired by the actual works you can see inside the museum, but with a brand new touch of the modern man.

12 photographers in Prado

This is just a magnificent piece of art, isn’t it? – Source

Look at the picture above! This has got to be a great exhibition.

The picture above is an example of what you can see if you decide to check out this temporary exhibition in the Prado Museum in Madrid. The coolest is, of course, if you can see where the actual photographer has been inspired to create parts of the different photographers (meaning you recognize other paintings or parts of the museum in the paintings). But, if you are a layman when it comes to art, then these photos are so amazing, that you will enjoy them even if you have no clue about the surroundings that inspired the photos in the Prado museum.

Have you been inspired to pay Madrid a visit? The exhibition will open on September 21st and remain available until January 13th in 2019.

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Enjoy your stay in Madrid!

When can I visit the Prado museum for free

I have heard that it is free to visit the Prado museum on Thursday evenings. Is that so? Can you please give me information on when I can get free entrance to the museum?

The Prado museum in Madrid is one of the most famous art museums in the world. It has a fantastic permanent exhibition, and some very interesting temporary exhibitions at all times. That makes the Prado museum one of your “have-to-visit” places during your stay in Madrid. But, if you find the 15 Euro entrance fee to be a lot, then it might sound better to visit the museum for free. But, when can you visit the Prado museum for free?

Prado museum in Madrid for free

Let us just warn you that during the free hours at the museum it is quite packed. You will, in other words, be disturbed by large crowds, meaning that if you dream of studying a masterpiece in quietness and piece, then you should pay the entrance fee and visit the museum during the daytime instead. The entrance fee is normally 15 Euro which will give you access to both the permanent and the temporary exhibitions.

When is the Prado museum open?

The Prado museum is open from 10.00 till 20.00 from Monday till Saturday, and from 10.00 till 19.00 on Sundays and other special days. The museum is closed on January 1st, May 1st and on December 25th. It has shortened opening times on January 6th, December 24th and December 31st (10.00-14.00).

When is the Prado museum free to enter?

If you want to visit the Prado museum without paying you will have to visit the Prado museum in the following timeframe:

Monday – Saturday: From 18.00 to 20.00
Sundays: Fram 17.00 to 19.00

We hope you will have a delightful stay at the Prado museum. For more information about the museum and temporary exhibitions, check this article.

Rubens oil sketches [Exhibition]

Rubens is the most important artist in Europe when it comes to oil sketches. Few other artists have left behind oil sketches, while Rubens has left behind more than 450 pieces. 

Rubens in Prado

In this interesting exhibition, which is a cooperation between the Prado Museum in Madrid and the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, you will be able to 82 oil sketches and around 20 drawings made by the hand of Rubens. The paintings are there to help bring the context to the oil sketches and will make this a fantastic exhibition.

The exhibition will have its premiere on April 10th in the Prado Museum and will be on display until August 5th. After that, the exhibition will be moved to Rotterdam and it will be on display in the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum.

The price for this exhibition, which will also give you access to the permanent exhibition in the Prado Museum is 15 Euro for an adult.

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Metallica concerts in Madrid

Metallica Madrid 2018Metallica will start their 2018 tour in Lisbon on February 1st, and it will continue in Madrid with concerts on February 3rd and February 5th. Would you like to be there at one of these?

Metallia will tour large parts of Europe in 2018, but not all cities are so lucky that they will have two concerts. The first concert in Madrid, on February 3rd (Saturday) will start at 19.00 in the WiCink Center. The Sunday will be a day to relax and maybe watch some Spanish football, before Metallica once again enters the stage in the same venue on February 5th (Monday). Would you like to be there at one of these concerts (or maybe both)? You can buy tickets for the concerts using the ticket link beneath. Once you visit the website do a search for Metallica, and you will find available tickets for all their concerts across Europe in 2018.

Would you rather watch a football match or do something else while in Madrid? You can read more about other activities, programs and activities in Madrid here in our Madrid Guide. If you would rather listen to Metallica in Lisbon, jump on a flight to Lisbon, enjoy our airport transfer service, and listen to the rock-band on February 1st in the MEO Arena instead.

Metallica Madrid 2017

February 3, February 5 – 19.00
WiCink Center

Tickets: Viagogo


Shakira in Madrid 2017

Shakira Madrid 2017Would you like to end the week with a boom? Come to Shakira’s concert in Madrid on November 19th, and finish your week with style.

November 19th is, as you might understand, a Sunday. That makes this a perfect way to end the week and a brilliant way to start the new week tired, but high in spirit, after totally enjoying a Shakira concert the evening before. The Shakira concert in Madrid will start at 20.15, and it will be arranged in the Palacio de Deportes venue, a very popular concert venue in the Spanish capital.

Shakira seems to enjoy Spain a lot, because not only will she perform in Madrid, but she will also perform in Bilbao, Coruna and Barcelona. That is probably the nation she will spend the most time in during her Europe tour in 2017, and there are lots of nations in Europe that will not be visited at all. After the concert in Madrid, Shakira will travel to Lisbon, before she returns to Coruna, and then to Barcelona.

Would you like to be there at one, or more, of the Shakira concert in Spain in 2017? You can buy tickets for all the events using the ticket link beneath.

Shakira Madrid 2017

November 19th, 20.15
Palacio de Deportes

Tickets: Viagogo

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LaLiga kick-off in Madrid

On August 20th the new season of LaLiga football will start in Spain. Already on the first match day, you can come to Madrid to watch fantastic football.

We all know and love both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. If you come to Madrid on August 20th, you will, however, not be able to watch Real Madrid play. On that day they will play against Deportivo la Coruna in La Coruna.

The other big team in Madrid, Atletico Madrid, will not play in Madrid either. They will start the new LaLiga season in against Girona.

So, how can you watch LaLiga action in Madrid, already on the first day of football? The answer is a great football pub. And do not forget, those are much cheaper than tickets for Bernabeu and Camp Nou.

One week later, on August 27th, Real Madrid will have their first home match of the season. They will then play against Valencia, and hopefully, they will get a fantastic start on their season based on these first two matches.

LaLiga kick off
Can Real Madrid win LaLiga again this year? By Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley – Shutterstock

Will Mbappe play for Real Madrid?

One of the big questions at the moment is whether or not Mbappe will play for Real Madrid in the upcoming season or not. The rumors have it, that he will leave Monaco to play for Real Madrid the upcoming season, but no official news has been given yet. The Royal team will probably do good without Mbappe as well, but if they manage to get the 18-year-old superstar to their team, then that will for sure strengthen their position in European football.

Would you like to watch Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid?

You can read more about the clubs here in our Madrid Guide. There you will also find information on how to buy tickets for the different Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid matches.

Would you rather just watch LaLiga in Spain online? It can easily be done, and in the IP Address Guide, you will find instructions on the best ways to stream LaLiga on the Internet.

Do not forget to check out the beautiful attractions of Madrid while in town, especially if you come on August 20th and suddenly discover that neither Atletico Madrid nor Real Madrid will be in town on that given day.


Portrait of Philip III in the Prado museum

For the first time in history the painting Portrait of Philip III by Velázquez is on display in the Prado Museum in Madrid. You can take a look at the picture yourself in the period from June 6th till October 29th.

The painting named Portrait of Philip III has been given to the Prado museum for a short while, so hurry up while it can still be seen. The painting will be portrayed next to Philip II offering the Infante don Fernando to Victory, another famous painting in the Prado museum in Madrid.

Prado museum

This is not part of a temporary exhibition, this is simply a temporary painting that you can discover on your visit to the Prado museum. Want to know more about the Prado museum in Madrid? You can read more about the museum right here.

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Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen tickets and info

On April 18th it is time for the second leg in the Champions League quarter final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munchen. The match will be played in Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, and if you are looking for tickets for the event, or maybe just want to read more about the match, keep on reading.

Most people will agree that this is the most interesting of all the quarter finals in the Champions League this season. There will be other great matches as well, and Juventus vs Barcelona will for sure be a treat as well, but Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen will be the king of the quarter finals.

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen tickets

If you want to be there at Santiago Barnabeu to watch the match live, then you can buy tickets for the Champions League quarter final from Viagogo. Press the link, search for Real Madrid and you will find tickets for this and all other Real Madrid matches in 2017.

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen tickets
Mitch Gunn / Shutterstock.com

Watch Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen online

If you cannot be there at Santiago Bernabeu to watch the Champions League quarter final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munchen, then you will still want to watch it on your computer or on your TV screen. If you have no access to any TV channel actually broadcasting the match, then you can find out more on how to stream the Champions League online in the IP Address Guide. Press the link earlier to find out more about how it can be done!

What to expect from the match?

We believe it will be one incredible match, and hopefully Real Madrid will end up as winners. Bayern Munchen impressed us all in their last Champions League matches against Arsenal, but if you consider their performance in the German Bundesliga lately, they have had trouble against lots of teams. But, the same can be said about Real Madrid, so on the paper it is a 50/50 chance for both teams to win.

The first quarter final between Bayern Munchen and Real Madrid will be played in Munchen at the Allianz Arena on April 12th, and the second match will be played in Madrid on April 18th.

Bruno Mars Madrid 2017

On April 3rd at 19.00 it is time for a Bruno Mars concert in Palacio de Deportes. Are you in the mood for a great concert? If the answer is yes, you better be there!

It will be a fantastic event as Bruno Mars comes to Madrid on April 3rd. This will only be one of tons of stops during this tour in 2017 which is named the 24K Magic World Tour. Bruno Mars is the man behind some of the most played songs in the radio in the latest years, so you will for sure hear lots of songs that you have heard before if you go to the concert, even if you might not be the biggest Bruno Mars concert.

Bruno Mars it just an artist name, because the real name of the artist is Peter Hernandez. And yes, during his tour he will visit beautiful cities all across Europe such as Budapest, Paris, Lisbon, Krakow, London and lots of others. Where do you want to listen to Bruno Mars in 2017?

Bruno Mars concert Madrid 2017
Bruno Mars concert Madrid 2017

Bruno Mars Madrid 2017

Palacio de Deportes
April 3rd, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

You can read more about what’s going on in Madrid, about the most famous attractions and the best hotels in Madrid here in our guide. Look around and be inspired!