Guns N’ Roses concert in Madrid

Guns N Roses concert in Madrid

Guns N Roses concert in MadridOn June 4th Estadio Vicente Calderon will be packed with people in love with rock music and people in love with Guns N’ Roses. Will you be among them?

Guns N’ Roses is currently out on a big tour that will cover the entire world. As we write this article they are currently in Japan, but before they come to Europe they will visit a lot of places.

The first concert in Europe will be in Ireland on May 27th, following that they will travel to Bilbao in Spain to perform, then to Lisbon in Portugal on June 2nd and then on June 4th they will be ready to rock at Estadio Vicente Calderon in Madrid. Have you heard the name of that stadium before, but do not remember where you have it from? Maybe you are a football fan and remember the name of the stadium at which Atletico Madrid play their matches normally? That is the stadium where Guns N’ Roses will perform on June 4th in Madrid. Would you like to be there?

Guns N’ Roses Madrid 2017

Estadio Vicente Calderon
June 4th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Press the link above to get tickets for the Guns N’ Roses concert in Madrid. If you rather want to watch a football matches or maybe discover the attractions in Madrid, use our Madrid Guide to give you tips and advises!

Later during their tour Guns N’ Roses will visit cities in Europe like London, Prague, Paris and Vienna. But, why visit those cities when you can listen to Guns N’ Roses in Madrid?

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