LaLiga kick-off in Madrid

LaLiga kick off

On August 20th the new season of LaLiga football will start in Spain. Already on the first match day, you can come to Madrid to watch fantastic football.

We all know and love both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. If you come to Madrid on August 20th, you will, however, not be able to watch Real Madrid play. On that day they will play against Deportivo la Coruna in La Coruna.

The other big team in Madrid, Atletico Madrid, will not play in Madrid either. They will start the new LaLiga season in against Girona.

So, how can you watch LaLiga action in Madrid, already on the first day of football? The answer is a great football pub. And do not forget, those are much cheaper than tickets for Bernabeu and Camp Nou.

One week later, on August 27th, Real Madrid will have their first home match of the season. They will then play against Valencia, and hopefully, they will get a fantastic start on their season based on these first two matches.

LaLiga kick off
Can Real Madrid win LaLiga again this year? By Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley – Shutterstock

Will Mbappe play for Real Madrid?

One of the big questions at the moment is whether or not Mbappe will play for Real Madrid in the upcoming season or not. The rumors have it, that he will leave Monaco to play for Real Madrid the upcoming season, but no official news has been given yet. The Royal team will probably do good without Mbappe as well, but if they manage to get the 18-year-old superstar to their team, then that will for sure strengthen their position in European football.

Would you like to watch Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid?

You can read more about the clubs here in our Madrid Guide. There you will also find information on how to buy tickets for the different Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid matches.

Would you rather just watch LaLiga in Spain online? It can easily be done, and in the IP Address Guide, you will find instructions on the best ways to stream LaLiga on the Internet.

Do not forget to check out the beautiful attractions of Madrid while in town, especially if you come on August 20th and suddenly discover that neither Atletico Madrid nor Real Madrid will be in town on that given day.


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