Metallica concerts in Madrid

Metallica Madrid 2018

Metallica Madrid 2018Metallica will start their 2018 tour in Lisbon on February 1st, and it will continue in Madrid with concerts on February 3rd and February 5th. Would you like to be there at one of these?

Metallia will tour large parts of Europe in 2018, but not all cities are so lucky that they will have two concerts. The first concert in Madrid, on February 3rd (Saturday) will start at 19.00 in the WiCink Center. The Sunday will be a day to relax and maybe watch some Spanish football, before Metallica once again enters the stage in the same venue on February 5th (Monday). Would you like to be there at one of these concerts (or maybe both)? You can buy tickets for the concerts using the ticket link beneath. Once you visit the website do a search for Metallica, and you will find available tickets for all their concerts across Europe in 2018.

Would you rather watch a football match or do something else while in Madrid? You can read more about other activities, programs and activities in Madrid here in our Madrid Guide. If you would rather listen to Metallica in Lisbon, jump on a flight to Lisbon, enjoy our airport transfer service, and listen to the rock-band on February 1st in the MEO Arena instead.

Metallica Madrid 2017

February 3, February 5 – 19.00
WiCink Center

Tickets: Viagogo


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