New Years Eve in Madrid

New Years Eve in Madrid

New Years Eve in MadridBuenos días amigos! This greeting will welcome everybody who visits the Meseta, where Spain’s capital Madrid is. Bullfights, tasty wines, delicious dishes and everything for the eyes and the mouth will entice the visitors. These traditions are available at New Years Eve as well.

I’m sure everybody have heard about the Spanish Catholic traditions, characteristic dishes and drinks, moreover traditional which are solid as a rock, but they share these with everyone with full of heart.

The center of the Spanish New Year’s Eve is Madrid’s most important road junction, the Puerta del Sol. This little square in the center of Madrid – in English is the Gate of the Sol (Puerta del Sol) – not a real park or gate, but it has a very important function of the city’s life.

So the celebrators assemble at this spot with lots of champagne and happy mood and waiting for the New Year. When the famous clock, the Real Casa de Correos shows the midnight, Spanish people eat one grape after every chime. This tradition born in 1909, and the legend says all the twelve grapes bring you lucky for all the twelve months.

And for everyone who wants to go out and tastes the gifts of the twelve grapes, for example the Spanish champagnes and wines after the traditional New Year’s Eve greeting, Madrid offers lots of party opportunities in numberless clubs and pubs for everybody.
We wish you had a good time and a very Happy New Year!

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