Madrid Marathon 2015

Madrid is the capital and also the largest city of Spain and through the whole year the city offers thousands of various programs to its locals and to its tourists as well. 2015 will not be any different from the previous years and countless activities are waiting for everyone in Madrid. In this article we will write a little bit about the Madrid Marathon.
Madrid Marathon

The Madrid Marathon is one of the most popular sport events in the life of the city which will take place this year on 26th April 2015 from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. The marathon is considered to be one of the major and primary athletic events not only in Madrid but in the whole country as well. The Madrid Marathon is also known as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon. So why is it also called Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon?

The answer is easy: it is certainly not the easiest marathons at all because the route of the marathon is quite challenging. Every year they change the route of the marathon so it won’t get boring for anyone. Usually the route leads through some of the nicest spots of the city including the centre of the city, the old town and the famous landscapes of the city such as Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and Palacio Rea.

The finish line of the race is at Retiro Park. If you want to take part of the marathon note that the registration deadline is 12th April 2015.

Save money in Madrid with the Madrid Card

MadridWe have just published an article about the Madrid Card. The Madrid Card is a great way of saving money while in Madrid, and it will not only make you save money, it will also save you time as it gives you right to use the priority line of several museums, for example as you visit the Prado Museum in Madrid.

If you think this sounds like a good idea, why not head over to our article telling you more about the features of the Madrid Card and where you can also find out where you can buy the Madrid Card to make sure that it will be there waiting for you as you arrive to Madrid.

Go ahead, read more about the Madrid Card now.

Recommended spring hotels in Madrid 2013

Spring has arrived and so has the tourists. April, June and May are some of the most popular months of the year to visit Madrid and if you want to find a good hotel in this period you better hurry up and book right away. But, what should you look for when you book a hotel in Madrid?

The most important when you book in Madrid is a hotel with a good location, preferably in the center of Madrid and near a metro station. We have looked around for such hotels with free rooms and good prices, and here you will find three hotels which we can warmly recommend to our visitors. In addition to good location and prices these hotels have received lots of praise from other visitors, which is a great plus and makes you more safe when visiting any of them.

While here in the Madrid Guide make sure to read about the most famous attractions and best activities in Madrid in addition to the information about hotels.

Recommended hotels in Madrid 2013:
Urban Hotel
Gran Versailles (cheap, near metro)
Hotel Carlos V

Madrid hotel

Gastrofestival in Madrid

Spain’s capital, Madrid, is always gives a wonderful surprise to its visitors, like an interesting exhibition or a fantastic festival. This is the same thing this year too, because it organizes the annual event in Madrid, the Gastro festival.

Gastronomy festivalThis is the fourth time, when this festival presents culinary delight to the local citizens and the visitors too. Special meals, discounts, events, exhibitions and shops are waiting for you in January in the Spanish capital.

The festival lasts for more than two weeks. More than three hundred stores participating in it, such as restaurants, cocktail bars, cook schools, clothing and accessories stores, cultural events, galleries and museums are made for the big event. The programs can be divided into six categories; Sensory Experiences, Gastroculture Gourmet Madrid, Gastrofashion, Gastrohealth and Wine Culture. In addition, there will be four more categories in this year at the festival, and these are the Route for the Sweet-Tooth, the Colombian Coffee Route, Menus by Elle and Gastronomy in Music.

If you are interested in the Spanish cuisine, fine wines, Mediterranean flavors, do not miss this unforgettable event in Madrid, the Gastro festival. Taste the chocolate con churros, grab a cocktail, enjoy yourself!

The festival is available between 19 January 2013 and 3 February 2013. It is impossible to appoint the location of the festival, because it’s in the whole city, so you have a good chance that wherever you go to Madrid, you run into one of the festival’s program.

Eat, drink, have fun at the Gastro festival in Madrid

New Years Eve in Madrid

New Years Eve in MadridBuenos días amigos! This greeting will welcome everybody who visits the Meseta, where Spain’s capital Madrid is. Bullfights, tasty wines, delicious dishes and everything for the eyes and the mouth will entice the visitors. These traditions are available at New Years Eve as well.

I’m sure everybody have heard about the Spanish Catholic traditions, characteristic dishes and drinks, moreover traditional which are solid as a rock, but they share these with everyone with full of heart.

The center of the Spanish New Year’s Eve is Madrid’s most important road junction, the Puerta del Sol. This little square in the center of Madrid – in English is the Gate of the Sol (Puerta del Sol) – not a real park or gate, but it has a very important function of the city’s life.

So the celebrators assemble at this spot with lots of champagne and happy mood and waiting for the New Year. When the famous clock, the Real Casa de Correos shows the midnight, Spanish people eat one grape after every chime. This tradition born in 1909, and the legend says all the twelve grapes bring you lucky for all the twelve months.

And for everyone who wants to go out and tastes the gifts of the twelve grapes, for example the Spanish champagnes and wines after the traditional New Year’s Eve greeting, Madrid offers lots of party opportunities in numberless clubs and pubs for everybody.
We wish you had a good time and a very Happy New Year!

Wizz Air Hand Luggage rules

Wizz Air Hand Luggage rules
Wizz Air Hand Luggage rules

Wizz Air is about the make a drastic change to their hand luggage rules, so if you are planing on flying with the Hungarian low cost airline, make sure to know their new hand luggage rules before you do you booking, just to skip surprises. With the introduction of their new rules the hand luggage concept will be changed, and that is what makes it important to know about.

Until know you could freely bring hand luggage as you travelled with the different low cost airlines, as long as the size did not exceed 55x40x20cm. Now Wizz Air changes their hand luggage policy, and as of know you will have to pay for hand luggage larger 42x32x25cm. This size is small enough to fit in under your seat, meaning that if your hand luggage does not fit in under the seat, you will have to pay to use the space above your head.

The price for the large hand luggage is 9 GBP or 10 Euro. So you should therefore be aware of these rules, and try to keep them, because the fines to be paid on the spot are normally quite a lot larger than if you arrange with the reservation of luggage before you arrive to the airport.

For more information about the luggage policy, read the following article about the new hand luggage rules from Wizz Air published by Budapest Guide.

Since Wizz Air flies to Madrid Airport this information might be useful for many people visiting our Madrid Guide!

Will Real Madrid be the champion again?

Real Madrid and Ronaldo
Real Madrid and Ronaldo

Real Madrid is the most famous, well-known and successful football team all over the world. It has not only full with the greatest footballers but it has and had the best trainers that a football team get ever. Of course we have to mention in that point that it is not only because of people but because of Spain enormous passion about football, sports so we can declare: they do not feel sorry to invest lots of lots of money in their players. They are proud of what the team reached and nowadays football becomes part of the Spanish culture everywhere in the world. And it has it’s reasons. The club has 32 awards being Spanish champions, 18 awards being the winner of the King Trophy and they could win BL five times one after the other.

Now here is the next challenge for them: the 2012/2013 Champions League. On the 18th of September they start at home against Manchester City. The so-called Whites will play the second and third match days also at home against Ajax and Borussia Dortmund. On the forth match day they will face at the German team at the Santiago Bernabèu stadium and on the fifth day they will visit the current Premier League champions.

Of course as all team, this team also have its favorite players that make audience crazy during the matches. The captain and girls favorite guy is Iker Casillas the kaput, And Cristiano Ronaldo, the young guy who becoming just as great as previous Ronaldo’s in the Brazil team. Other outstanding players are Kaka, Granero.

Real Madrid is one of the most powerful team nowadays. It is not a surprise then that Murinho (trainer of team) declared that he will not let none of the players go away from the team moreover he does not need any new one. This means that Kaka and Carvalho are going to stay for sure until January in the team.

And what the enemies think all about these? All teams accepted the fact that the Whites are strong and huge enemy, however they are not afraid. They said that they will give their bests hoping enter into the final at Wembley Stadium. And what Was Real Madrid reaction ? Cristiano Ronaldo also accepted the greatness and power of all German and other teams they are going to play with, however he emphasized the courage of the Spanish team. Well we might declare that we will have very exiting matches, in addition just think and tip who is going to be the champion this year?

Real Madrid tickets: – WorldTicketShop

Recommended Madrid hotels for this autumn

The autumn is getting closer and we guess many of you plan visiting Madrid as the temperature gets a bit more comfortable and life returns to the Spanish capital after a long summer. In this giant city it is very important to find a hotel suiting your needs, and in general most people dream of living in the very central parts of Madrid, thus winning time and it is always comfortable to simply walk out from your hotel, and you find yourself already in the center of the city, or at least very near.

Here comes some recommendations for hotels in Madrid which have central locations and great prices currently.

Recommended Madrid hotels for this autumn

Hotel Liabeny (****)
Vincci Soho (****)
NH Palacio de Tepa (*****)
Petit Palace Londres (***)

If you plan on visiting Dublin this autumn, why not visit our new Dublin Guide and try the pub crawl?

Veranos de la Villa Festival

Between the 27th of June and the 2th of September a great festival takes place in Madrid. The program is fascinating and the festival is taking place in different places in Madrid. In the musical programme you can find major international stars such as Nneka (July 4), Eryka Badu (July 17), Melody Gardot (July 19), Katie Melua (July 24), Hugh Laurie etc. Of course spanish starts are also performing for example Russian Red (July 6) and Miguel Poveda (July 14). If you like ballett and flamenco, then you must visit this festival because the Nuevo Ballet Español and the Imperial Ice Stars are also performing!

Veranos de la Villa Festival

27th June – 2th September 2012

Some news

Hello guys, we hope you are all doing okay. Just thought we’d report that if you are a Madrid lover, then you better head of to the cinemas nowadays. In the film “The Cold Light of Day” you can meet Bruce Willis and some others in an action film recorded in Madrid, so it is a highlight, just to get to see the city we all love. The film in itself was also quite nice, but the best was of course when you see the El Retiro Park, the Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Cibeles and so on. So, do not miss out on this one.

By the way, the summer is coming to Madrid at the moment, so do not forget your sun milk, if not, you might get burned!