Small-Group Madrid Running Tour

running in madrid

running in madridIf you like exercising and sightseeing then the Madrid running tour is the best choice on a vacation in Madrid, Spain. The running tour is led by a local fitness-expert guide.

The tour takes approximately one and a half hours where you can see Madrid’s most famous attractions such as the Royal Place of Madrid or the Temple of Debod. The pace of the tour is set on the group’s slowest runner, so everyone can freely attend any of the groups no one will be left behind. There are five different routs at different times a day you can choose from. The size of he group is set on a maximum 15 persons that provides a personalized attention from the tour guide.

Meet the tour guide in the central of Madrid and start with a quick chat about the basic experiences at exercising and about your general level of fitness. All the tours are included with warm up and stretching sessions. As it said before there are five different routs you can choose from the first one is the City Highlights, the second one is the Temple of Debod but you can choose the Buen Retiro Park route, Casa de Campo itinerary or you can also choose to jog at the banks of the Manzanares River. One tour costs 25 euros.

For more information on the running-tour, visit the following site.