Spain vs Slovakia

On September 5th all of Spain will look to Oviedo and to the Nuevo Carlos Tartiere stadium, because that is where Spain will receive Slovakia for the Euro 2016 qualification match.

What makes this interesting is that Slovakia comes to this match with 6 wins in a row, leading the group with 18 points, while Spain comes with 15 points and one loss (against Slovakia in Bratislava). So, Spain will for sure want to win this match, but maybe Slovakia will be able to surprise everyone again and get at least one point in this match?

The match is as mentioned to be played in Oviedo which is far away from Madrid, so if you are not able to go there to watch the match yourself, then you can still watch Spain vs Slovakia online. The match will be broadcasted online on Sky Sports, and if you want to watch it online on Sky Sports, then you can do so on NOW TV which broadcasts all of Sky Sports events online. This will give you the best English commentators and lots of other Euro 2016 qualification matches as well, so visit the linked site to watch Spain vs Slovakia online on Sky Sports.

Three days later Span will play against Macedonia and if you want to watch that match as well, you can do so at Sky Sports as well. As you understand there are lots of fun coming up, and especially if you like football!

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