Christmas market in Madrid

Spanish people say the Merry Christmas like Felíz Navidad. People wish shiny Christmas to each other. As we know, Spain, and of course its capital, Madrid is Mediterranean place, so temperature doesn’t really fall under 10 degrees. Nevertheless Spanish people love “fiesta”, so they also have big party for Christmas too.

Madrid Christmas mostly happens at the street. People can run into several Christmas markets in the whole capital, the most popular from them is the market at Plaza Mayor, which is available at whole December from 10 AM to 10 PM (weekdays) or until 11 PM (weekend). Besides it there are several fantastic markets, where visitors can buy Christmas tree, decoration, presents and traditional Spanish foods too. You can find markets for example at Plaza de Santa Cruz, Plaza de Santo Domingo and more beautiful places in whole Madrid.

Spanish tradition is that Santa Claus brings presents at 25 December, and however Christmas is an important event too, we need to talk about the following holiday, the Epiphany, what is maybe more important than Christmas. This is the time, when Reyes Magos, or the Three Kings bring sweets to children. This celebration is at 5 and 6 January, so it worth to spend some days in the heart of Spain, Madrid after the New Year’s Eve party too.