How to make Paella? Cooking class in Madrid

How to make Paella?

If you planned to have a vacation in Spain and you would like to try yourself out at a cooking class where you can learn how to cook classical Spanish dishes, Madrid is the perfect holiday spot for you.

The Madrid cooking class offers you a memorable program where you can learn how to make some delicious authentic Spanish meals such as the Spanish omelet or paella, all the food comes with some of the best Spanish wines. The class is led by a local instructor who will let you know the secrets of the Spanish gastronomy. The number of the group is limited to maximum 10 persons/class.

First you will meet your local instructor at Torrijos Market in central Madrid, after a really quick look around at the food market you will be ready to go to your cooking class and start making some Spanish food. During the class the local instructor will let you know about the history and all about the traditions of Spain. The Spanish cuisine is world wide known and for a good reason, the recipes has a really old history, they are simple, combined with local ingredients handed over to the new generations over and over again creating a rich and world wide known cuisine.

The cooking class starts from 10.00 in the morning and each class costs 70 euros, it includes eating the food with the group.

For more information on the cooking class, dates and prices visit the following site.