Gastrofestival in Madrid

Spain’s capital, Madrid, is always gives a wonderful surprise to its visitors, like an interesting exhibition or a fantastic festival. This is the same thing this year too, because it organizes the annual event in Madrid, the Gastro festival.

Gastronomy festivalThis is the fourth time, when this festival presents culinary delight to the local citizens and the visitors too. Special meals, discounts, events, exhibitions and shops are waiting for you in January in the Spanish capital.

The festival lasts for more than two weeks. More than three hundred stores participating in it, such as restaurants, cocktail bars, cook schools, clothing and accessories stores, cultural events, galleries and museums are made for the big event. The programs can be divided into six categories; Sensory Experiences, Gastroculture Gourmet Madrid, Gastrofashion, Gastrohealth and Wine Culture. In addition, there will be four more categories in this year at the festival, and these are the Route for the Sweet-Tooth, the Colombian Coffee Route, Menus by Elle and Gastronomy in Music.

If you are interested in the Spanish cuisine, fine wines, Mediterranean flavors, do not miss this unforgettable event in Madrid, the Gastro festival. Taste the chocolate con churros, grab a cocktail, enjoy yourself!

The festival is available between 19 January 2013 and 3 February 2013. It is impossible to appoint the location of the festival, because it’s in the whole city, so you have a good chance that wherever you go to Madrid, you run into one of the festival’s program.

Eat, drink, have fun at the Gastro festival in Madrid