Recommended spring hotels in Madrid 2013

Spring has arrived and so has the tourists. April, June and May are some of the most popular months of the year to visit Madrid and if you want to find a good hotel in this period you better hurry up and book right away. But, what should you look for when you book a hotel in Madrid?

The most important when you book in Madrid is a hotel with a good location, preferably in the center of Madrid and near a metro station. We have looked around for such hotels with free rooms and good prices, and here you will find three hotels which we can warmly recommend to our visitors. In addition to good location and prices these hotels have received lots of praise from other visitors, which is a great plus and makes you more safe when visiting any of them.

While here in the Madrid Guide make sure to read about the most famous attractions and best activities in Madrid in addition to the information about hotels.

Recommended hotels in Madrid 2013:
Urban Hotel
Gran Versailles (cheap, near metro)
Hotel Carlos V

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