Space of Sound Festival Madrid 2011

If you want to start the year with an amazing festival, then check out the Space of Sound Festival in Madrid starting January 1st, 12.00 (2011). This dazzling and amazing event will for sure be something to remember, and you can buy tickets for it below. The venue for the event is Telefonica Arena Madrid.

Space of Sound Festival
January 1, 12.00 – 2011
Telefonica Arena Madrid

Tickets: WorldTicketShop


Infinita Festival Madrid 2010

If you like hot events, if you like Madrid, if you like summer and if you like music, you should be there at the Infinita Festival in Madrid 2010. This dazzling events starts at 23.30 and it will be arranged at the Telefonica Arena July 3rd.

Infinita Festival 2010
Telefonica Arena
July 3rd, 23.30

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

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