How to watch Spanish web-tv from abroad?

Since Spanish television was launched in 1956 lots of stuff has happened, and nowadays it is very normal to watch Spanish television online. During larger sports events, olympic games and of course when breaking news take place, even more people gather together in front of the computer screen to watch such events online. But, when you go abroad and would like to stay up to date on what is happening in Spain, and maybe watch a soccer match or some other program online, you will often find that the broadcast is only available to those located in Spain, and that the broadcast is not available from abroad, or from outside Spain. What is the solution, how to watch Spanish web-tv from abroad?

The solution is to get a VPN connection to a server in Spain, thus creating a virtual tunnel between your current location and a server located in Spain. When the connection is made, it will seem to all internet servers as if you are located in Spain, and not outside Spain somwhere in the world. It might sound difficult, but it is really easy, thanks to HideMyAss. They are a company providing such VPN connections for a very little fee, and they also offer a software making it all very easy. You simply visit their webpage, subcribe for one month, six months or for a year. Once this is done you download the program, enter your username and password – and after that you connect to a server located in Spain (you will see a long list of servers in Spain and in lots of other nations in the world in the program). Once the connection is made you should restart your webbrowser, and once that is done you will be able to watch Spanish web-tv, just like you would do at home in Spain. If you want to learn Spanish this is also a great way to learn the language, listening and watching tv broadcasts!

There are lots of Spanish television stations, not all of them have live feeds, so check out their webpages first, but later if you find out that they only allow people with IP address in Spain to watch, grab hold of HideMyAss, and in minutes you can be enjoying the broadcast on your laptop, tablet or even on most mobilephones, wherever you are in the world. The connection is also encrypted, making it safe and untracable if you use an open WiFi for example.

Good luck and enjoy watching La 1, La 2, 24h, Teledeporte, Telecinco, Antena 3 and all the other Spanish tv channels online.

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How to get a Spanish IP address?

A Spanish IP address can be handy in quite some situations, and the reason you are here is because you are in need of a Spanish IP address, which again means that you are currently located outside Spain. It is quite easy to get hold of a Spanish IP address, especially if you are willing to pay a little bit for it. We have used a program made available from HideMyAss, and with a cheap subscription were were able to get a Spanish IP address within five minutes from the first time we read about it.

The service looks as follows. You subscribe to their services at their webpage (30 day payback guarantee), you download their software, and then with your username and password you choose a server to connect to in one of the many nations on the list within the program. Thus you will not only be able to get a Spanish IP address, but you will also be able to connect to servers all around the world, giving you an IP address in the nation you would like to. You can change as much as you want to, meaning that in one moment you can get a Spanish IP address, and then when you are in need of for example an Italian or a Hungarian IP address, then you can change and get such an address instead.

How to get a Spanish IP address
Get a Spanish IP address with HideMyAss

It works in such a way that a VPN (a virtual tunnel) is created between you and the server in the given nation (which you choose inside the program), and then all your data is encrypted and not seen by anyone. This is especially useful and safe in a time when you log on open WiFi’s in cafes, restaurants, hotels and so on all around the world. So as you connect to the server it will seem to all internet pages, server and such around the world as if you are staying in that given nation, and not in the nation you actually are in at the moment. It might sound difficult, but it is really easy to use, install and to understand.

So, go ahead and head over to HideMyAss and get hold of your Spanish IP address today!