How to watch Euro 2016 in Madrid?

It is quite amazing, but less than one month before the start of Euro 2016 in France we still do not know which company will broadcast Euro 2016 in Spain. There are different broadcasting companies which have placed their bids for the tournament, but no final decision has been made. So, how can you watch Euro 2016 in Madrid?

You will for sure be able to watch Euro 2016 in Madrid no matter what happens as the biggest sports bars and pubs will get access to international TV channels broadcasting the events and matches, even if there are no Spanish TV channels broadcasting the event. A full list of Euro 2016 broadcasters can be found here. If you would rather read an article in Spanish on how to watch Euro 2016 online on international channels, read this article (in Spanish).

But, if you want to watch Euro 2016 our general advise to you is simply to walk out into the streets and you will find loads of opportunities and places where you can watch the matches in fantastic company with other people, both local and international.

Can you expect Spain to do well in Euro 2016? They are in a very tough group with Turkey, Czech Republic and Croatia so who knows, anything can happen, but most people in Spain believe that their team will be able to reach all the way to the top in the tournament. Time will show if they are right or not.

Article update

It has since then become clear to us that Mediaset have secured themselves the rights to broadcast Euro 2016 in Spain. This means that you can see the matches on the Spanish TV channels Telecinco and Cuatro. These can be seen online using their online platform Mitele.

We hope you will enjoy watching Euro 2016 in Madrid and if you come early to Madrid, do not miss out on the Champions League final between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid!

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