Football matches to watch in Madrid in September


September is a busy month for football players with World Cup qualification matches, La Liga football and with Champions League/Europe League matches. There are some fantastic matches coming up in Madrid!

While Barcelona only gives home to one fantastic club, that can not be said about Madrid. There are lots of clubs playing here, but with Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid in town, this can be compared to London with Totttenham, Arsenal and Chelsea and Manchester with both Manchester United and Manchester City.

That is why there is a big chance that a fantastic match will be played in Madrid as you come to town. We have selected the most important matches to be played in Madrid in September.

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Football highlights in Madrid in September

September 14th, Real Madrid vs Sporting

This will be the first Champions League match for Real Madrid this season. It will not be an easy match, because Sporting from Portugal is a tough team to beat. If you want to watch the match then you should get your tickets right away. Do not miss out on Ronaldo and Bale as their premiere in the Premier League this season.

September 21st, Real Madrid vs Villareal

This is a La Liga match and one of the top matches for Real Madrid. It can of course not be compared to El Classico, but Villareal is one of the hardest opponents in La Liga, but still a match Real Madrid needs to win. Barcelona will use any chance they get to grab more points than Real Madrid, so if Real Madrid wants to stay in the top, this is a match they will need to win. If you want to watch La Liga online and watch Real Madrid vs Villareal on the Internet, follow these instructions.

September 28th, Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munchen

If you are going to watch one football matches in Madrid in September, this has got to be the one. It was at Estadio Vicente Calderon that Atletico Madrid won against Bayern Munchen last year and knocked them out of the Champions League. There is no danger like that so far this year, after all this is just a group stage match. But, Bayern Munchen will be out there looking for revenge, while Atletico Madrid will be there to show that they are among the best teams in all of Europe. Do not miss out on this fantastic upcoming Champions League match, and if you want to be there, buy your tickets on the website we referred to in the start of the article. If you want to watch the match online, read this article.

Enjoy Madrid to the full

We hope you will enjoy Madrid to the full while in town. That means that you should not only watch a football match and that’s it. You should also visit the El Retiro Park, check our the Castle and visit all the other attractions in Madrid as well. Read around in our Madrid Guide for suggestions and practical advises.


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