Real Madrid – Girona, February 10 (tickets, information & more)

Real Madrid will play against Girona at Santiago Bernabeu on February 10th. Few people believed that this match would be a thriller before the season started, but currently, this is a match that might very well influence which team will win La Liga in 2023-24. Real Madrid is first in La Liga, but only a few points in front of Girona. If they win the match, Jude Bellingham and Real Madrid will get some air between themselves and the other teams. But, if Girona can get a draw or even win the match, they will be even with Real Madrid and things will get really interesting.

If you want to read more about Real Madrid, click the link for information about the team.

Where to buy tickets for Real Madrid – Girona?

You can easily watch the match at Santiago Bernabeu if you want to. If you are unable to buy tickets from the official sources, then you can still buy tickets for the match from Viagogo. This is a great chance to watch this legendary match in the Spanish league together with 80,000 people at one of the most popular football stadiums in Europe.

Match information

Real Madrid vs. Girona
February 10, 18:30
La Liga

How to get to the stadium?

To reach Santiago Bernabéu by metro, you will want to take Line 10. Line 10 is the dark blue line in Madrid’s metro system. The Santiago Bernabéu station is easily accessible, and there are a few stations you might encounter before reaching it. If you’re starting from the city center, you may board Line 10 at stations like Plaza de España, Noviciado, or Tribunal. Santiago Bernabéu is a prominent station on this line, making it convenient for visitors. It takes around 10-15 minutes to travel to the stadium from the city center of Madrid using the metro. The metro system in Madrid is efficient, making it a quick and convenient way to get to the stadium.

You can buy metro tickets at the ticket machines available in all metro stations. The Madrid Metro uses a zone-based fare system, so ensure you purchase the correct ticket based on your travel needs. If you plan to use the metro frequently during your stay, consider getting a rechargeable metro card for added convenience.

Where to eat and drink before and after the match?
Before and after the match, you’ll find various dining options around Santiago Bernabéu. Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Diverso Café: Located near the stadium, Diverso Café offers a cozy atmosphere and a selection of snacks and drinks.
  2. PadThaiWok: If you’re in the mood for Asian cuisine, PadThaiWok, a Thai restaurant nearby, is a good choice.
  3. La Esquina del Bernabeu: This is a sports bar close to the stadium where you can enjoy a pre-match drink and some appetizers.
  4. Mercado de la Paz: If you’re looking for a wider range of options, head to Mercado de la Paz in the Salamanca neighborhood, a traditional market with various food stalls and eateries.

We hope you will enjoy the match between Real Madrid and Girona. If you want more information about other events in Madrid, look at our events calendar.

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen tickets and info

On April 18th it is time for the second leg in the Champions League quarter final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munchen. The match will be played in Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, and if you are looking for tickets for the event, or maybe just want to read more about the match, keep on reading.

Most people will agree that this is the most interesting of all the quarter finals in the Champions League this season. There will be other great matches as well, and Juventus vs Barcelona will for sure be a treat as well, but Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen will be the king of the quarter finals.

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen tickets

If you want to be there at Santiago Barnabeu to watch the match live, then you can buy tickets for the Champions League quarter final from Viagogo. Press the link, search for Real Madrid and you will find tickets for this and all other Real Madrid matches in 2017.

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen tickets
Mitch Gunn /

Watch Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen online

If you cannot be there at Santiago Bernabeu to watch the Champions League quarter final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munchen, then you will still want to watch it on your computer or on your TV screen. If you have no access to any TV channel actually broadcasting the match, then you can find out more on how to stream the Champions League online in the IP Address Guide. Press the link earlier to find out more about how it can be done!

What to expect from the match?

We believe it will be one incredible match, and hopefully Real Madrid will end up as winners. Bayern Munchen impressed us all in their last Champions League matches against Arsenal, but if you consider their performance in the German Bundesliga lately, they have had trouble against lots of teams. But, the same can be said about Real Madrid, so on the paper it is a 50/50 chance for both teams to win.

The first quarter final between Bayern Munchen and Real Madrid will be played in Munchen at the Allianz Arena on April 12th, and the second match will be played in Madrid on April 18th.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

On April 23rd it is time for El Classico in Madrid. FC Barcelona will come to play against Real Madrid in this crucial top match in La Liga.

There is little doubt about the fact that all footballs fans dream of watching Real Madrid vs Barcelona at least once during their lifetime. And what makes this match even more interesting is that they are so close to one another in the top of La Liga, meaning that this match might influence who will end up winning the Spanish football league this season.

If you would like to be there at the stadium and watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona, then you can buy tickets directly from Viagogo . There you can also buy tickets for all other Real Madrid and FC Barcelona matches, not only in La Liga, but also for their upcoming Champions League matches.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley / Shutterstock, Inc.

Will Real Madrid be able to beat FC Barcelona?

On the paper it always seems as if FC Barcelona is a stronger team than Real Madrid. But, with Zidane as coach Real Madrid has been able to play fantastic football and they seem to enjoy a new spring at the moment. Can this last all the way till the end of the season? Can Real Madrid manage to win La Liga in the 2016-17 season? This match will be crucial if they want to achieve their goal.

Do not forget to check out all the amazing attractions in Madrid while in town. You can read more about great activities and famous attractions here in our Madrid Guide. If you have lots of time left then you could of course consider doing a day trip to Barcelona as well. You can read more about Barcelona at

Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund

We have a fantastic weekend behind us. Real Madrid won against Atletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund won against Bayern Munchen. On December 7th it is time for the two teams to play against one another in Madrid. Which team will be the best?

Real Madrid will come to the match as favorites, but those who have followed the football world for a few years know that Borussia Dortmund has a good grip on Real Madrid. Can they manage to beat them again? It will be one fantastic match and I wish I could be there, but the tickets are to expensive for me. But, if you really want to be there at the match between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund on December 7th, then you can buy tickets using the link beneath.

Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley / Shutterstock

Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund, December 7th

Tickets: Viagogo

Do not forget that there are lots of other great programs and activities you can do in Madrid at this time of the year. You can read more about attractions and activities here in our Madrid Guide. And if you want to do some traveling then you can easily travel from Madrid to Barcelona to discover that beautiful city as well. We wish you a fantastic stay in Madrid and let us cheer for Real Madrid in their match against Borussia Dortmund on December 7th!

Football matches to watch in Madrid in September

September is a busy month for football players with World Cup qualification matches, La Liga football and with Champions League/Europe League matches. There are some fantastic matches coming up in Madrid!

While Barcelona only gives home to one fantastic club, that can not be said about Madrid. There are lots of clubs playing here, but with Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid in town, this can be compared to London with Totttenham, Arsenal and Chelsea and Manchester with both Manchester United and Manchester City.

That is why there is a big chance that a fantastic match will be played in Madrid as you come to town. We have selected the most important matches to be played in Madrid in September.

  • For tickets to any of these matches, visit Viagogo.

Do not miss out on these Madrid matches in September – Real Madrid – Barça” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Jan S0L0

Football highlights in Madrid in September

September 14th, Real Madrid vs Sporting

This will be the first Champions League match for Real Madrid this season. It will not be an easy match, because Sporting from Portugal is a tough team to beat. If you want to watch the match then you should get your tickets right away. Do not miss out on Ronaldo and Bale as their premiere in the Premier League this season.

September 21st, Real Madrid vs Villareal

This is a La Liga match and one of the top matches for Real Madrid. It can of course not be compared to El Classico, but Villareal is one of the hardest opponents in La Liga, but still a match Real Madrid needs to win. Barcelona will use any chance they get to grab more points than Real Madrid, so if Real Madrid wants to stay in the top, this is a match they will need to win. If you want to watch La Liga online and watch Real Madrid vs Villareal on the Internet, follow these instructions.

September 28th, Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munchen

If you are going to watch one football matches in Madrid in September, this has got to be the one. It was at Estadio Vicente Calderon that Atletico Madrid won against Bayern Munchen last year and knocked them out of the Champions League. There is no danger like that so far this year, after all this is just a group stage match. But, Bayern Munchen will be out there looking for revenge, while Atletico Madrid will be there to show that they are among the best teams in all of Europe. Do not miss out on this fantastic upcoming Champions League match, and if you want to be there, buy your tickets on the website we referred to in the start of the article. If you want to watch the match online, read this article.

Enjoy Madrid to the full

We hope you will enjoy Madrid to the full while in town. That means that you should not only watch a football match and that’s it. You should also visit the El Retiro Park, check our the Castle and visit all the other attractions in Madrid as well. Read around in our Madrid Guide for suggestions and practical advises.


Caillebotte, painter and gardener in Thyssen-Bornemisza

thyssenGustave Caillebotte is one of the leading characters among the Impressionists, and now you have the chance to get to know him even better in the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum in Madrid during this temporary exhibition.

This exhibition launched in July 2016 and will be avilable for visitors all the way till October 30th. Here you can read the official information about this exhibition from the official website of the museum:

About the exhibition:

“Caillebotte, painter and gardener, an exhibition organised in collaboration with the Musée des impressionismes Giverny – shown between 25 March and 3 July 2016 – offers an in-depth analysis of the theme of the garden in the artist’s work as well as Caillebotte’s relationship with Claude Monet. The exhibition is organised into four sections that focus on the places where the artist lived and worked: Haussmann’s Paris: a mineral universe; Summers at Yerres: 1861-1879; The Seine and trips to Normany: 1880-1888; and Le Petit-Gennevilliers: 1888-1894.

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If you have any questions or comments just use the comment field beneath. And do not forget that with the autumn here it also means that La Liga has started, so you can now watch both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid play their matches in Madrid every week, including the Champions League matches on normal weekdays, so we have a fantastic autumn in front of us.

Is there a way in which I can watch Real Madrid – Juventus online?

On May 13th it is time for Read Madrid to play against Juventus in the second leg of the semifinal in the Champions League. In the first match played in Torino they lost 2-1, but now comes the home match and I would like to see Real Madrid beat the Italian team. But, where and how can I watch the match online?

Madrid Juventus

That is a great question, and luckily it is quite easy. This match will be shown on quite a lot of channels with online streams, but the problem is that these are channels you need to pay a lot of money to watch. That is why we recommend a different solution which we read about in the IP Address Guide.

Watch Real Madrid – Juventus online

To watch the match between Real Madrid and Juventus online we recommend that you get hold of a German IP address, something that can be done easily with a subscription to HideMyAss. We therefore recommend that you visit the HideMyAss website and sign up for one month or for twelve months. Then you should download the HideMyAss program, start it and connect to a server in Germany. You will then have a German IP address and then all you need to do is to visit (the website of the German TV channel ZDF), and they will have a live stream on their website which you can watch for free, which means that you can watch Real Madrid play against Juventus online on May 13th! Enjoy!

Read more about Real Madrid here in the Madrid Guide!

Real Madrid vs Liverpool, Champions League

Real Madrid - LliverpoolThe UEFA Champions League is in the 60th season of Europe’s premier club football tournament and this year the final match of the Champions League will be held in the capital of Germany in the heart of Berlin. The Champions League final will be played on June 6th in 2015. But before that there are tons of other matches, and on November 2nd Reald Madrid will play against Liverpool in Madrid.

last match of the season will be held 6th June 2015. The incumbent title holders are Real Madrid and Real Madrid played against FC Basel 1893 on Tuesday 16th September when Liverpool had their game against PFC Ludogorets Razgard. After the results Real Madrid and Liverpool will have face again each other as a repeat of the 1981 European Cup Final. Liverpool will play against Real Madrid who claimed their tenth European title in Lisbon this May. The game between Liverpool and Real Madrid will take place on Tuesday 4th November 2014. Liverpool will play Real Madrid in the capital of Spain, in Madrid. They will play at Santiago Bernabeu from 8.45 in the evening. Tickets for the Liverpool vs. Real Madrid match are already available and the tickets for the game starts from 114 euros.

If you want to see one of the best games of the season check the following site for more information on the tickets and prices: WorldTicketShop

Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid: Spanish Super Cup

Ready for one crazy football game in the end of August in Madrid? Then you will want to buy tickets for the match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, a match to be played at August 27th, starting at 21.00 at Estadio Vicente de Calderon.

What makes this match a total winner game, is that both teams origin from Madrid. So, as these teams play the Spanish Super Cup final against one another in Madrid, then it simply has to turn into a fantastic match with lots of goals, lots of fun and hopefully some moments we will remember for a long time.

If you want to be there at the game you can buy tickets using the link further down. If you would rather watch the match online, and maybe more Spanish matches online, then the site has an article dedicated to watching Spanish football online.

Toni Kroos - new Real Madrid player
Toni Kroos, a new Real Madrid player.. probably already in the match against Atletico Madrid on August 27th.

Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid: Spanish Super Cup
Tickets: WorldTicketShop

Where can I watch Real Madrid matches online?

I am a big fan of Real Madrid and I would love to watch some Real Madrid matches online? Can you please tell me how and where I can do that?

Real Madrid onlineFirst of all thank you for your question! The question is not really the kind of questions we normally answer about Madrid and Real Madrid, but we will simply answer shortly and refer you to a website where you can find a much more thorough instruction on how to watch Real Madrid online.

Since most TV channels pay a lot to get broadcasting rights to Spanish football, it is not really possible to watch them just for free online. That is why you need to pay special and quite expensive fees normally to watch La Liga matches or Copy del Rey matches online. There are some exceptions, and the best option is to watch it on the Austrian TV channel Laola1. You do need to change your IP address, but if you do so you can easily watch Real Madrid play online, all their La Liga matches and quite a lot of their Copa del Rey matches.

To find out exactly how this is working and some easy instructions on what to do, visit and read how to watch La Liga online.

If you should later come to Madrid, read more about Real Madrid here and at that site you can also find information on buying Real Madrid tickets online.