Juan Fernández el Labrador exhibition at the Prado Museum

Maybe not everyone knows the famous Spanish painter, Juan Fernández el Labrador’s name, but he left back beautiful masterpieces from the 17th century. He was known as “El Labrador”. The baroque painter worked between 1629 and 1636, and he was mostly known because of his still life works. Are you curious about the artist’s most beautiful works? Than read this article, because you can know more about the next exhibition.

In the Prado Museum in Madrid people can see a fantastic exhibition of the works of El Labrador between 12 March 2013 and 16 June 2013. The beautiful still life works charm everybody, so it doesn’t matter if visitors don’t know the artist.

Tourists, who travel to Madrid, want to see the central square of the Spanish’s capital, the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza de Oriente with the Palacio Real and the Catedral de la Almudena, and naturally the Spanish national museum, the Prado Museum. Moreover, those, who visit to the Prado, can see the still life works of El Labrador, which could be a fantastic experience. If you are one of the lucky tourists, who can spend some days in the capital of Spain until 16 June, do not miss the listed program opportunities, especially the exhibition of Juan Fernández el Labrador’s works. If you adore arts and culture, and you mostly like still life, than this is a program for you!

Juan Fernández el Labrador exhibition
Prado Museum
March 12th – June 16th

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