Spanish Drawings from the British Museum

When somebody travel to the capital of Spain, the city what laid on the Mezeta, to Madrid, there are several interesting programs on the whole year. In the Mediterranean city it worth to see the amazing buildings, like the Plaza Real or the San Francisco el Grande Church, the city’s most famous center, the Puerta del Sol and the most famous museums, for example the Museo del Prado.

The Prado Museum is the national museum of Madrid, where there are great permanent and temporary exhibitions all the time. One of these fantastic exhibitions the “Spanish Drawings from the British Museum”, what shows 200 pictures from the 16th century to the 20th century, and it can be seen between 20 March 2013 and 16 June 2013. Drawings of renaissance artists, works of creators from Spain and other nations, for example from Italy, and the famous Spanish painter, Francisco de Goya’s masterpieces. The creators of the exhibited pictures for example Alonso Berruguete, Spanish painter from the 16th century, Vicente Carducho and Alonso Cano, Madrid artists from the 17th century, José Camarón from the 18th century, and naturally the already mentioned Goya.

Do not miss this memorable exhibition in the Prado Museum between 20 March 2013 and 16 June 2013 in the capital of Spain, Madrid. If you like arts and you are curious about the works of four centuries; this exhibition is just for you! Have a great time!

Spanish Drawings from the British Museum
March 20th – June 16th
Prado Museum

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