Where can I watch Real Madrid – Ajax live on the web tonight?

Real Madrid vs Ajax live tonightThank you for the question… If you want to see Real Madrid play against Ajax live on the web tonight there are probably several options. Here we will only describe one which is quite easy, not expensive and which can be useful for lots of other stuff as well.

The dutch channel NOS will broadcast this match live tonight and thus you can watch the Real Madrid – Ajax match live on the web through their webpage. But, the problem is only that the broadcast can only be seen live on the net for people with a Dutch IP address. This might sound technical, but this simply means that in a way you need to be located in Holland somewhere to see their live broadcast online.

But this is very simple to arrange by the help of a software provided by HideMyAss. If you visit their webpage you can subscribe to their service (which at the moment is discounted because of a large Christmas sale) and once this is done you can download their software and connect to one of their servers in Holland. Once this is done you can take a look at the NOS Sport webpage again and you will be able to see their live stream featuring the match between Real Madrid and Ajax tonight live from all over the world.

For more information you can read the following article (which is not up to date), but it still contains all the information and links you need to fix this thing and to watch the match later tonight.

The principle is very much the same for other live broadcasts in other nations and so. This means that if you for example would want to see ITV live tonight as they show the match between Arsenal and Olimpiakos this can be arranged in the same way with the same software. This again means that you can in this way pretend to be everywhere in the world almost and thus watch lots of content online which would normally be available only to people inside that given nation.

We could go on and on and mention other examples, but these are at least some ways in which you can watch the Real Madrid – Ajax match tonight, and if you are interested also watch the Arsenal – Olimpiakos match.