Eros Ramazotti Madrid 2013

Eros Ramazotti in Madrid
Eros Ramazotti in Madrid

The capital of Spain, Madrid, is the most amazing city in autumn. It’s a little far from the sea, so in this time, there’s beautiful weather there, so there aren’t any difficulty to tourists to see the most interesting sights in Madrid. It’s exactly the perfect timing for Eros Ramazotti’s concert in 21 September 2013 in the Palacio de Deportes Comunidad de Madrid. The city is a very interesting concert place for Ramazotti, who has several songs in Spanish language.

We don’t have to show Eros Ramazotti. The Italian singer is famous for everyone because of his romantic ballads and rock works too.

He was born in Rome’s suburb in 1963. He has started the musician career in 1982, when he reached the finals of the music festival of Castrocaro and because of his talent, he was sighed by the DDD records in this year too. His career has started and doesn’t stop! He has made several albums and duets with the biggest stars together.

Eros Ramazotti’s newest album, the Noi has released in the November of 2012, and the album popularizing tour will start in the spring of 2013 until September of 2013.

The wonderful Madrid is the last stop of the tour, so we could say, in case of the Noi tour, this is the last chance! Don’t miss the Indian summer’s last big concert! Be the part of the miracle in 21 September 2013 in the Palacio Deportes Comunidad de Madrid in the capital of Spain, Madrid! Have a nice time!

Eros Ramazotti Madrid 2013
September 21st

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Eros Ramazotti Madrid 2010

The loverboy from Italy is coming to Madrid again. This time he will perform in the “Palacio De Deportes de la Comunidad” and the concert will be arranged there February 13th (one day before Valentines day… boys, this might be a good start)! The Eros Ramazotti concert starts at 21.00.

Eros Ramazotti Madrid
February 13th, 21:00
Palacio De Deportes de la Comunidad

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