Bryan Adams Madrid

Would you like to get an early Christmas celebration in 2024? Come to Madrid and combine your Christmas shopping with a fantastic Bryan Adams concert in WiZink center on November 18.

The concert in Madrid will be one of the last concerts with Bryan Adams in Europe 2024. The tour started in April 2024 (in Europe), meaning that he will spend almost half the year in Europe (except for the mid-summer when he will be elsewhere). Bryan Adams will perform in several cities in Spain, but the last of them is Madrid. After the Bryan Adams concert in Madrid, he will travel to Portugal where he will have his final three concerts in Europe.

If you want to be there at the Bryan Adams concert in Madrid, buy your tickets using the link below.

Bryan Adams concert in Madrid 2024

Date: November 18
Location: WiZink Center

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Olivia Rodrigo Madrid

Less than a month after the Taylor Swift concert in Madrid, and only a few days after Bruce Springsteen has been to Madrid, Olivia Rodrigo will come. She is the fantastic singer and actor well-known for her role in the Disney+ original series named “High School Musical.” Even though she is young (only 20), her most popular song on Spotify is “Drivers License” which has been listened to more than 2 billion times already.

In June 2024, Olivia Rodrigo will come to Madrid to perform one evening at the WiZink center, formerly known as the Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid. It’s a place that hosts concerts, sports events, and other big shows, and it is one of the largest indoor arenas in Spain. During concerts, it has space for approximately 17,000 people. That’s a lot of fans cheering and singing along with their favorite artists, and it will be completely full at the Olivia Rodrigo concert in June 2024.

Getting to the WiZink Center is easy because it’s located in a central part of Madrid. You can use different transportation options like buses, trains, or the metro. If you’re taking the metro, you can hop on Line 2 or Line 6 and get off at the stop called “Las Ventas.” From there, it’s just a short walk to the arena.

Olivia Rodrigo Madrid 2024

  • Location: WiZink Center
  • Date: June 20, 2024
  • Tickets: Viagogo

Olivia will come to Madrid after her concerts in Barcelona. After her concert in Madrid, she will travel to Portugal where she will have two concerts in Lisbon. You can buy tickets for all these events using the Viagogo-link above.

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Depeche Mode Madrid

Taylor Swift might be the hottest artist touring Europe in 2024, but many people are just as happy about the fact that Depeche Mode is coming to the Spanish capital in March 2024. The band will perform twice in the WiZink center. The first concert is on March 12, while the second concert is on March 14.

The tour was announced in October 2022, and the first concert was held on March 23 in 2023. Due to the popularity of the band and the tour, it has been extended on several occasions. The two concerts in Madrid in March 2024 are a result of this extension, giving even more fans an opportunity to listen to the music from their favorite band for the first time (or maybe a second time)?

Depeche Mode Madrid 2024

Dates: March 12 and March 14
Location: WiZink Center

How can I buy tickets for the Depeche Mode concerts in Madrid?

All tickets for the concerts were sold out quickly, not only in Madrid but elsewhere in the world. As a result, the only option if you want to buy tickets for one of the Madrid concerts is to buy them second-hand.

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Bruno Mars Madrid 2017

On April 3rd at 19.00 it is time for a Bruno Mars concert in Palacio de Deportes. Are you in the mood for a great concert? If the answer is yes, you better be there!

It will be a fantastic event as Bruno Mars comes to Madrid on April 3rd. This will only be one of tons of stops during this tour in 2017 which is named the 24K Magic World Tour. Bruno Mars is the man behind some of the most played songs in the radio in the latest years, so you will for sure hear lots of songs that you have heard before if you go to the concert, even if you might not be the biggest Bruno Mars concert.

Bruno Mars it just an artist name, because the real name of the artist is Peter Hernandez. And yes, during his tour he will visit beautiful cities all across Europe such as Budapest, Paris, Lisbon, Krakow, London and lots of others. Where do you want to listen to Bruno Mars in 2017?

Bruno Mars concert Madrid 2017
Bruno Mars concert Madrid 2017

Bruno Mars Madrid 2017

Palacio de Deportes
April 3rd, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

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Deep Purple concert in Madrid 2017

There will be quite some great concerts in Madrid during the summer of 2017, but the Deep Purple concert on July 3rd will for sure be among the highlights.

Some people might say that the Guns N Roses concert in June will be the highlight, but it is very likely that the people who enjoy the Guns N Roses concert also will enjoy the Deep Purple concert. The latter band was among the pioneers in the rock industry, and Guns N Roses should be listed among the followers in this movement. This summer both bands will come to Madrid, and on July 3rd in the Palacio de Deportes Deep Purple will enter the stage.

Would you like to be there at the Deep Purple concert in Madrid? You can press the ticket link beneath to get yourself some tickets to the event.
Deep Purple Madrid 2017

Deep Purple Madrid 2017

Palacio de Deportes
July 3rd, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

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For Deep Purple fans who want to listen to Deep Purple even more in 2017, then you could consider traveling to Prague or Vienna in May and listen to the band there. After Deep Purple has been to Madrid the band will travel on to perform in Lisbon, and then they will perform at several locations in the UK.

Justin Bieber concert in Madrid 2016

On November 23rd it is time for a Justin Bieber concert in Madrid, and it will be the highlight of the year for Justin Bieber fans in the spanish capital.

Justin Bieber concert in Madrid
Will you be there when Justin Bieber comes to Madrid?

Does it sound cool to be there on the Justin Bieber concert in Madrid? If you want to be among the thousands of people in the Barclaycard Center on November 23rd, then you can buy tickets for the event from WorldTicketShop. This will for sure be a fantastic event and it is one out of many concerts Justin Bieber will do in Europe in 2016. One day before the concert in Madrid he will perform in Barcelona, and after he has been in Madrid he will travel on to Lisbon. If you want to know more about Lisbon, then we can warmly recommend the Lisbon Guide.

Go ahead and enjoy the Justin Bieber concert in Madrid. For more information about the city of Madrid and all its attractions, just look around here in the Madrid Guide where you will also find information about upcoming events and concerts in the city.

Iron Maiden coming to Madrid

Iron Maiden MadridTwo days after the Iron Maiden concert in Lisbon it is time for an Iron Maiden concert in Madrid. It will be arranged at the Barclaycard center and the concert will start at 17.00 like all the other Iron Maiden concerts around in Europe in 2016.

If you want to be there at the concert in Madrid then you can buy tickets from WorldTicketShop.

For more information about attractions, activities, concerts and programs in Madrid, read in our Madrid Guide. If you want to get hold of some Iron Maiden effects before the concert or simply buy their latest CDs and music, then visit

We hope you will enjoy the concert and enjoy your stay in Madrid!

Kiss concert in Madrid in 2015

Kiss MadridThe world famous rock band Kiss will give a concert in Madrid in 2015. Kiss is an American hard rock band which was formed in 1973. During the years the band went through some major line up changes and it currently consists Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.

The Kiss is well known for their special appearance including their stage outfits, the face paint and the group extreme performances which includes fire breathing, blood spitting, shooting rockets, pyrotechnics and smoking guitars as well. In a short period of time the band got extremely popular and famous all around the world and it is still one of the most known and outstanding hard rock bands in the world of music. The Kiss sold over 100 million records world wide through the years which made them one of the world’s best selling musicians. From 2014 Kiss is on a world tour with The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour. With the tour the band will give 83 shows world wide. In this occasion the band will perform in Madrid as well as in Barcelona, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Paris and Amsterdam.

The concert in Madrid will be held on Monday 22nd June 2015. The concert will take place at the Barclaycard Center – Palacio De Deportes Comunidad. Tickets for the concert are already available.

For more information on the tickets and prices visit WorldTicketShop.

Robbie Williams concert in Madrid 2015

Robbie Williams ConcertRobbie Williams will be on a world tour from 2015 and he will give his first concert of the tour in the capital of Spain.

Robbie Williams is an English singer and songwriter who started his career in the pop band Take That in 1990. Robbie Williams after quitting Take That started a really successful solo career in 1995 then he joined the pop band again in 2009. During his solo career he released several albums and he got world wide known. Nowadays Robbie Williams is one of the most popular and well known singers of the world. During his musician career he sold over 77 million albums which made him one of the best selling singers in the UK. Robbie Williams came out with his latest album the Swings Both Ways in 2013. Williams will be on a world tour again from 2015 after his previous tour.

He will give 16 concerts in total, 14 in Europe and 2 in Asia. The Let Me Entertain You concert tour is his upcoming eleventh tour which he will open in the capital of Spain in Madrid. He will have plenty other concerts all across Europe including France, Austria, Poland and so on. The concert in Madrid will take place at Barclaycard Center – Palacio De Deportes Comunidad. The concert will be on Wednesday 25th March in 2015. Tickets for the concerts are already available.

If you want to know more on the concert and the prices check the following site for more information: WorldTicketShop. The next concert during the tour will be arranged in Barcelona and you can read more about that concert here.

II Divo concert in Madrid

Il DivoDivo II was formed by Simon Cowell and it is a multinational operatic pop vocal group. It was formed in the United Kingdom in 2003 and it is a group of four singers from different countries. The group includes the French pop singer Sèbastien Izambard, the Spanish baritone Carlos Marín, the Swiss tenor Urs Bühler and the American tenor David Miller. Over the years they sold more than 26 million records all over the world. The first album they released was in 2004 called II Divo which was really successful and brought ultimate success in the world of music. Their second album the Ancora came out one year later in 2005. It was also a great success and some of the songs of the album were ranked number one on some music charts. They came out with several other albums through the years but their latest album they released was Musical Affair which came out in 2013.

II Divo is now on a world tour this year and they will visit plenty of countries and cities all around the world starting from North America to Australia and Europe. In Europe they will be on stage in multiple cities and countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and so on. The II Divo will perform in Madrid at Barclaycard Centre. The concert will be held on Tuesday 4th November 2014. Tickets for the concert are already available.

If you want to buy your ticket check the following site: WorldTicketShop