Justin Bieber concert in Madrid 2016

On November 23rd it is time for a Justin Bieber concert in Madrid, and it will be the highlight of the year for Justin Bieber fans in the spanish capital.

Justin Bieber concert in Madrid
Will you be there when Justin Bieber comes to Madrid?

Does it sound cool to be there on the Justin Bieber concert in Madrid? If you want to be among the thousands of people in the Barclaycard Center on November 23rd, then you can buy tickets for the event from WorldTicketShop. This will for sure be a fantastic event and it is one out of many concerts Justin Bieber will do in Europe in 2016. One day before the concert in Madrid he will perform in Barcelona, and after he has been in Madrid he will travel on to Lisbon. If you want to know more about Lisbon, then we can warmly recommend the Lisbon Guide.

Go ahead and enjoy the Justin Bieber concert in Madrid. For more information about the city of Madrid and all its attractions, just look around here in the Madrid Guide where you will also find information about upcoming events and concerts in the city.