Where can I watch Real Madrid matches online?

I am a big fan of Real Madrid and I would love to watch some Real Madrid matches online? Can you please tell me how and where I can do that?

Real Madrid onlineFirst of all thank you for your question! The question is not really the kind of questions we normally answer about Madrid and Real Madrid, but we will simply answer shortly and refer you to a website where you can find a much more thorough instruction on how to watch Real Madrid online.

Since most TV channels pay a lot to get broadcasting rights to Spanish football, it is not really possible to watch them just for free online. That is why you need to pay special and quite expensive fees normally to watch La Liga matches or Copy del Rey matches online. There are some exceptions, and the best option is to watch it on the Austrian TV channel Laola1. You do need to change your IP address, but if you do so you can easily watch Real Madrid play online, all their La Liga matches and quite a lot of their Copa del Rey matches.

To find out exactly how this is working and some easy instructions on what to do, visit WatchWorldCup.net and read how to watch La Liga online.

If you should later come to Madrid, read more about Real Madrid here and at that site you can also find information on buying Real Madrid tickets online.