Will Real Madrid be the champion again?

Real Madrid and Ronaldo
Real Madrid and Ronaldo
Real Madrid and Ronaldo

Real Madrid is the most famous, well-known and successful football team all over the world. It has not only full with the greatest footballers but it has and had the best trainers that a football team get ever. Of course we have to mention in that point that it is not only because of people but because of Spain enormous passion about football, sports so we can declare: they do not feel sorry to invest lots of lots of money in their players. They are proud of what the team reached and nowadays football becomes part of the Spanish culture everywhere in the world. And it has it’s reasons. The club has 32 awards being Spanish champions, 18 awards being the winner of the King Trophy and they could win BL five times one after the other.

Now here is the next challenge for them: the 2012/2013 Champions League. On the 18th of September they start at home against Manchester City. The so-called Whites will play the second and third match days also at home against Ajax and Borussia Dortmund. On the forth match day they will face at the German team at the Santiago Bernabèu stadium and on the fifth day they will visit the current Premier League champions.

Of course as all team, this team also have its favorite players that make audience crazy during the matches. The captain and girls favorite guy is Iker Casillas the kaput, And Cristiano Ronaldo, the young guy who becoming just as great as previous Ronaldo’s in the Brazil team. Other outstanding players are Kaka, Granero.

Real Madrid is one of the most powerful team nowadays. It is not a surprise then that Murinho (trainer of team) declared that he will not let none of the players go away from the team moreover he does not need any new one. This means that Kaka and Carvalho are going to stay for sure until January in the team.

And what the enemies think all about these? All teams accepted the fact that the Whites are strong and huge enemy, however they are not afraid. They said that they will give their bests hoping enter into the final at Wembley Stadium. And what Was Real Madrid reaction ? Cristiano Ronaldo also accepted the greatness and power of all German and other teams they are going to play with, however he emphasized the courage of the Spanish team. Well we might declare that we will have very exiting matches, in addition just think and tip who is going to be the champion this year?

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