Wine trip from Madrid

Winetrip from Madrid

Winetrip from MadridIf you are interested in wine and wine making and you don’t mind spending your whole day learning more about wines, then the Spanish wine tour is possibly one of the best choices on a vacation in Madrid.

The tour starts from Madrid and it is led by one of the expert local guide. Visit the Vinos de Madrid winemaking region which is known by the locals as ‘bodegas’. During the tour you will visit three well known estates in the area and you will explore more about the Spanish wine making, their cellars and how they supplied the capital of Spain with different kinds of wines for centuries.

As you leave Madrid you will experience the real atmosphere of the Spanish countryside. On the way the tour guide will talk about the wines that are produced in the area of Madrid. The heart of the wine making area the Vinos de Madrid, known as the Denominación de origen (DO) is approximately 30km away from Madrid. Along the way you will get to know three different wineries, one of them is a family-run winery which lays in the village of Aranjuez. Aranjuez is an UNESCO listed village surrounded by olive trees and vineyards.

The tour includes the air conditioned mini bus but it doesn’t include lunch but the tour guide will give you several options for lunch.

Does not this sound very cool? Do you want to join in on such a winetrip from Madrid one day? Read more about the trip here and make your booking today!

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