Arabian Bath SPA experience in Madrid

SPA in Madrid

SPA in MadridThere are lot of opportunities to choose from for the tourists in Madrid and there are several programs and attractions to see and explore in the capital of Spain. After a tiring sightseeing what could be possibly more relaxing and more fun then going to one of Madrid’s most well known baths.

The zen-like thermal bath with candle lit walkways gives you the perfect harmony your body, mind and soul could wish for. At the Madrid’s Hammam you can choose from three different thermal pools and three steams. The design of the bath is all decorated in Arabic style.

Relax your body and mind in the hot water of the thermal baths and freshen yourself up in one of the cold pools. The bath also offers massages at the Aroma corner or you can just sit in the steam room breathing in the vapor with the aromatic essences. The massage takes 15 minutes and you can choose your oil you want to be massaged with, you can choose from rose, lavender, violet or red amber. If you want to enjoy a longer massage with body scrub you have to book for the 30 minutes long massage. Mint tea and glasses of water are available for the visitors unlimited.

If you want to know more about the bath and the prices, visit the following site.

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