Flamenco learning and show in Madrid

Flamenco in Madrid

Flamenco in MadridIf you want to have an unique night out with a nice mood and you would love to enjoy some Spanish music and the traditional Spanish dance, the Flamenco Lesson and Show gives an opportunity to join and feel the heat of Spain’s traditional dance, the flamenco.

The lesson takes place at one of Madrid’s top ‘tablaos’, its a 3 hour long flamenco dancing lesson and show, where you will be taught how to flamenco by local dance instructors in a one hour long training. After the one hour long class you can freshen up yourself with a glass of wine from one of the best Spanish wines, and if you got hungry during the flamenco you can also upgrade to a 3 course dinner and wine before enjoying the best flamenco dancers performance.

Find out the secrets behind Spain’s most popular dance and get an inside look in the life of the Spanish people. The dancing lesson will take one hour where you will be taught one of the best dance instructors and guitarist how to flamenco. After that you can have your seat at one of the tables and have your glass of wine, sangria or soda depends on your choice, if you would like to have something to eat as well you can also choose to upgrade to include a 3 course dinner. After that you can enjoy a real flamenco show by your teacher and the best flamenco dancers of Spain.

The lesson and the show together takes approximately 3 hours, the entrance fee is included.

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