Where can I book a good flamenco show in Madrid?

Flamenco madrid
Flamenco madrid

I am coming to Madrid soon and would like to check out a cool flamenco show. Do you know somewhere where I can enjoy such a program and book it online?

Thank you for your question! Recently some new flamenco shows have been made available in Madrid, so we recommend that you use the link further down for more information and booking of such a program. These programs normally last for some hours with a 60-90 minute flamenco show presented by some really amazing dancers. Some shows include a three course dinner, while other shows only include a glass of wine, a sangria or some other snack.

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Link: Flamenco shows in Madrid

Ps: Since originally answering the question we have written an article on a program where you will both learn some Flamenco and afterward you can enjoy a Flamenco show. Full article here.

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  1. Natalia says:

    A really good one although it is very famous which might make you think that it is touristy is Coral de la Moreria. Very good show and excellent treatment, strongly recomended. One of the most authentic ones is Cardamomo. Enjoy!

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