Top events in Madrid in 2015

Which are the top events in Madrid in 2015? In this article you can read about the best programs and activities you can do in 2015 in the city.
Madrid 2015

Madrid is the capital and the largest city of Spain. Madrid is also the third most populous city in Europe after London and Berlin. As Spain and Madrid are a popular tourist destination there are countless programs and events in the city such as the various festivals, concerts, markets, exhibitions as well as the most famous attractions in the city. So lets go through some of the highlights of the city in 2015.

One of the biggest art festival in Madrid is the ‘Festival de Otoño a Primavera’ which is the most important annual art festival in the city. During the seven month long festival you can experience the different forms of art (dance, drama, music) through the remarkable performances. The festival already started last year in November and it ends in June 2015.

Another famous festival in Madrid is the ‘Festival Flamenco’. The ‘Festival Flamenco’ is a dancing competition which is accompanied with live guitar concerts. The ‘Festival Flamenco’ takes place some time in February 2015 but the exact dates are not confirmed yet.

If you are more into sports then the ‘Madrid Marathon’ is absolutely the best program for you. The annual ‘Madrid Marathon’ attracts around 13.000 runners from all over the world. This year the marathon will be held on 26th April.

In May another festival the ‘Fiesta de San Isidro’ will be held in the city. At the ‘Fiesta de San Isidro’ you can enjoy the best open air dance and theatre performances along side with the various concerts and sport competitions. The ‘Fiesta de San Isidro’ dates are not confirmed yet. In the end of November like in the other European cities the Christmas markets in Madrid will open. The markets usually open in the end of November and they are open until the end of December. At the market you can try the best traditional dishes and also do your pre-Christmas shopping.

Apart from the these programs and events in Madrid you can also enjoy some good concerts of the world famous artists such as Georg Ezra, Robbie Williams, AC/DC, Maroon 5, Nickelback and so on.

If you want to know more on the programs and events such ad the various concerts, festivals and exhibitions read on here in our Madrid Guide for all the information you need!

Flamenco learning and show in Madrid

Flamenco in MadridIf you want to have an unique night out with a nice mood and you would love to enjoy some Spanish music and the traditional Spanish dance, the Flamenco Lesson and Show gives an opportunity to join and feel the heat of Spain’s traditional dance, the flamenco.

The lesson takes place at one of Madrid’s top ‘tablaos’, its a 3 hour long flamenco dancing lesson and show, where you will be taught how to flamenco by local dance instructors in a one hour long training. After the one hour long class you can freshen up yourself with a glass of wine from one of the best Spanish wines, and if you got hungry during the flamenco you can also upgrade to a 3 course dinner and wine before enjoying the best flamenco dancers performance.

Find out the secrets behind Spain’s most popular dance and get an inside look in the life of the Spanish people. The dancing lesson will take one hour where you will be taught one of the best dance instructors and guitarist how to flamenco. After that you can have your seat at one of the tables and have your glass of wine, sangria or soda depends on your choice, if you would like to have something to eat as well you can also choose to upgrade to include a 3 course dinner. After that you can enjoy a real flamenco show by your teacher and the best flamenco dancers of Spain.

The lesson and the show together takes approximately 3 hours, the entrance fee is included.

If you would like to take part in a program like this, visit Viator.

Where can I book a good flamenco show in Madrid?

Flamenco madrid

I am coming to Madrid soon and would like to check out a cool flamenco show. Do you know somewhere where I can enjoy such a program and book it online?

Thank you for your question! Recently some new flamenco shows have been made available in Madrid, so we recommend that you use the link further down for more information and booking of such a program. These programs normally last for some hours with a 60-90 minute flamenco show presented by some really amazing dancers. Some shows include a three course dinner, while other shows only include a glass of wine, a sangria or some other snack.

Do not forget to read more about the different attractions in Madrid and other cool activities in the Madrid Guide 🙂

Link: Flamenco shows in Madrid

Ps: Since originally answering the question we have written an article on a program where you will both learn some Flamenco and afterward you can enjoy a Flamenco show. Full article here.

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