Discounted entrance fee to El Escorial

My wife and I are 66 and 71 years old. Is there a discount for entry into El Escorial?

El Escorial MadridFirst of all, thank you for your question. There are quite a lot of discounts available if you plan on visiting El Escorial, and one of those discounts are for seniors. The official El Escorial entrance fee information site tell us that:

  • Seniors above 65 years from Latin America or from Europe can enter El Escorial at a reduced rate (5 Euro instead of 10 Euro).
  • Children between 5 and 16 years can also enter at the reduced rate.
  • Students with student card at age 25 or less.

Free entrance to El Escorial

If you want to enter El Escorial for free, that can also be arranged, quite easily. Children under 5 years will always enter for free. On May 18th El Escorial has free entrance for everyone throughout the entire day.

The best option is still that every Wednesday and Thursday from 15.00-18.00 (between October and March) and between 17.00 and 20.00 from April and September there is free entrance for members of the European Union and for Latin Americans.

Good luck, and enjoy your stay in Madrid and El Escorial.

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