What should I do in Madrid in April? All you need to know!

April is a fantastic month if you want to explore Madrid. One of the main reasons is the delightful climate of the city, which means that it can get really warm, but without extreme heat. Since children are in school and most adults work, you can discover the city in peace without being disturbed by thousands of other tourists wherever you go. The combination of visiting Madrid outside the high-season with nice weather makes April a perfect month for a visit to the capital of Spain.

But, what should you do when you come to Madrid? This article will give you information about some of the best activities and attractions that you should explore and enjoy as you come to Madrid in April.

Do not miss out on these activities if you come to Madrid in April!

Go for a walk and explore El Retiro Park at your own tempo.

The El Retiro Park is an oasis in the center of Madrid. It is close to famous museums such as the Prado Museum, which means you can sit down and digest what you have seen in the museum while trees, a beautiful lake, and historical monuments surround you. In April the park comes into life after the winter, which means you can enjoy beautiful colors and flowers blooming as you walk around in the park.

Is there anything special that you should visit and learn more about as you visit El Retiro Park? Yes! Here you have a list of some of the most important sights in the park.

  1. Crystal Palace (Palacio de Cristal): This is a stunning glass pavilion located in the center of the park.
  2. Retiro Lake (Estanque del Retiro): Rent a boat and enjoy the fantastic scenery while looking at the majestic Monument to Alfonso XII.
  3. Monument to Alfonso XII: What does the monument look like? It is impossible to visit the park without noticing this majestic monument, and do not forget to make a nice selfie with the lake and the monument in the background.
  4. Rosaleda (Rose Garden): Would you like to see beautiful roses? Do not forget to walk to the rose garden within the borders of El Retiro Park.
  5. The Fallen Angel Statue (El Ángel Caído): Have you ever wondered what the devil looks like? This is one of few public statues in the world portraying the devil. It is close to the entrance to the rose garden described above.
  6. La Casita del Pescador (The Fisherman’s Cottage): This is a charming little cottage surrounded by a pond. It is a perfect place for a nice picture.
  7. Parterre Garden (Jardín del Parterre): This is a wonderfully decorated garden that is kept in strict order all year around.

These attractions make El Retiro Park a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike, especially on a nice summer day in April.

El Retiro Park in Madrid

Templo de Debod – a place where you can get a glimpse of history.

It is time to travel back in time. Visit an ancient Egyptian temple that stands as a testament to Madrid’s heritage. It looks special in the day, but in the evening it comes to life as the lights are turned on. Use this opportunity to walk through the halls of the temple and imagine what it might have been like to live when it was created. Do not forget to bring your camera, because this is a perfect place for some photos you can share on Facebook, X, or Instagram!

Templo de Debod in Madrid

Visit the Royal Castle and the gardens surrounding the palace.

The Royal Castle in Madrid is a wonderful attraction that is worth seeing from the inside and the outside. On a sunny April day, you should walk around the castle and enjoy the air from the surrounding parks while taking photos of the building from all directions.

Inside the castle, you can discover chambers adorned with priceless treasures, each telling about the city’s history. Whether you are walking through the gardens or joining a tour inside the palace’s halls, a royal adventure awaits you in the heart of Madrid.

Castle of Madrid

Feel like a local at Puerta de Sol.

In the heart of Madrid lies Puerta del Sol, a vibrant square pulsating with energy and vitality. April brings anticipation to this bustling square, where locals and visitors come to shop, drink coffee, and meet up with friends. Why don’t you visit the square and sit down at one of the charming cafes around the square? Street performers often play at the square, so do not be surprised if you hear some cool rhythms that make your body start to dance.

puerta de sol

Have fun with the entire family in the zoo.

Are you coming with your kids to Madrid? A perfect place to go that will entertain both adults and children is the zoo. In the zoo, you can look at majestic lions, playful primates, and animals originating from all around the globe. There are daily educational presentations, and you can also witness them as they feed several of the animals in the park. In other words, the zoo of Madrid is a perfect place to relax, learn, and enjoy at the same time!

zoo in madrid

Travel to El Escorial on a day-excursion!

Are you ready to leave the borders of Madrid to visit one of the most popular and famous attractions in Spain? You should start planning today and register for a day trip to El Escorial, a UNESCO World Heritage site that beckons with its awe-inspiring architecture and rich cultural heritage. April’s temperate climate makes it an ideal time to embark on this day excursion, where history comes to life amidst the rugged beauty of the Spanish countryside. When you arrive to El Escorial you can look at the beauty of the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. This monumental complex was a symbol of Spanish power and influence during the golden age. Use the opportunity to walk through the complex and get a glimpse at Spanish history with your own eyes.

El Escorial Madrid

You have a lot to look forward to in Madrid!

What else is there to say? April is a fantastic month for visiting Madrid and for traveling to locations like El Escorial. The city is full of historical monuments and buildings, but you can also find parks where you can relax and get some fresh air in between the tiring and interesting programs.

If you want to learn more about other programs, concerts, and activities in Madrid, look at our Madrid calendar to find out what’s going on in the city in the coming weeks and months!

Do you have further suggestions or ideas that visitors coming to Madrid in April should know about? Write them in the comment field below!

Discounted entrance fee to El Escorial

My wife and I are 66 and 71 years old. Is there a discount for entry into El Escorial?

El Escorial MadridFirst of all, thank you for your question. There are quite a lot of discounts available if you plan on visiting El Escorial, and one of those discounts are for seniors. The official El Escorial entrance fee information site tell us that:

  • Seniors above 65 years from Latin America or from Europe can enter El Escorial at a reduced rate (5 Euro instead of 10 Euro).
  • Children between 5 and 16 years can also enter at the reduced rate.
  • Students with student card at age 25 or less.

Free entrance to El Escorial

If you want to enter El Escorial for free, that can also be arranged, quite easily. Children under 5 years will always enter for free. On May 18th El Escorial has free entrance for everyone throughout the entire day.

The best option is still that every Wednesday and Thursday from 15.00-18.00 (between October and March) and between 17.00 and 20.00 from April and September there is free entrance for members of the European Union and for Latin Americans.

Good luck, and enjoy your stay in Madrid and El Escorial.

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