Is there a way in which I can watch Real Madrid – Juventus online?

Madrid Juventus

On May 13th it is time for Read Madrid to play against Juventus in the second leg of the semifinal in the Champions League. In the first match played in Torino they lost 2-1, but now comes the home match and I would like to see Real Madrid beat the Italian team. But, where and how can I watch the match online?

Madrid Juventus

That is a great question, and luckily it is quite easy. This match will be shown on quite a lot of channels with online streams, but the problem is that these are channels you need to pay a lot of money to watch. That is why we recommend a different solution which we read about in the IP Address Guide.

Watch Real Madrid – Juventus online

To watch the match between Real Madrid and Juventus online we recommend that you get hold of a German IP address, something that can be done easily with a subscription to HideMyAss. We therefore recommend that you visit the HideMyAss website and sign up for one month or for twelve months. Then you should download the HideMyAss program, start it and connect to a server in Germany. You will then have a German IP address and then all you need to do is to visit (the website of the German TV channel ZDF), and they will have a live stream on their website which you can watch for free, which means that you can watch Real Madrid play against Juventus online on May 13th! Enjoy!

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